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Sandy Pfunder Photos (2009)
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Page 1 (Istanbul)

Pickle seller near the Galata Bridge at Eminonu

Taken from hotel (Spectra Oteli).

Busy morning on the Bosphorus

Stairs in Tünel neighborhood

Eminönü: Rüstem Paşa and Süleymaniye mosques

Aya Sofya and the modern tram


Page 2 (Istanbul )

Elaborate tile work on the tomb of Eyüp Ensari

View from the Golden Horn.  Note the satellite dishes.

Galata Tower in morning light

Galata Bridge, Yeni Camii, and Egyptian (Spice) Bazaar

View of Topkapi Palace from Galata Tower

Süleymaniye mosque from Golden Horn
Page 3 (Trabzon )

A main road through Trabzon passes through old city walls

Aqueduct brought water to Byzantine palace (visible above  arch).

Trabzon: Gate in Byzantine walls near the sea

Trabzon: 19th century mansions (konaklar)

Ortahisar Mosque, the former  the Panaghia Chrysokephalos church

Page 4 (Trabzon)

Trabzon: Open air market

Trabzon: Kaymakli Monastery

Kaymakli fresco


Trabzon: Yeni Cuma Mosque
(13th century church) 

Ruins of St. George Peristera Monastery
Page 5 (Cayiriçi Köyü)

Three friends

Red roof in  village,  located in  rugged countryside

Cayiriçi Köyü: Coffee house, village mosque, and cemetery

Planted fields

Cayiriçi hosts (two in center)
Page 6 (Kadirga Village)

Kadirga village and daisies

Kadirga open mosque

Cows and houses in Kadirga

Wildflowers in Kadirga

Kadirga: fog rolling in

Page 7 (Erikbeli, Eskala, and Damlikoy)

Erikbeli village

Erikbeli building

Eskala Yayla

 Damliköy fog and mist

Page 8 (Village of Santa)

Abandoned Pontic Greek village of Santa near Trabzon

Some ruined houses in Santa repaired and  used by local Turkish villagers as summer (yayla) homes.

View of another district (mahalle) in village of Santa with a roofless church.

Santa and Yanbolu River

Another Santa  neighborhood, with ruins of church.


Ruins of a church in the Pontic Greek village of Santa.

Page 9

Purple rhododendron

Wildflowers in bloom

Yellow mountain laurel

Buttercups in bloom

Sandy Pfunder Photos 2009
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