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Cumhurriyet Bayram Dinner  2003
Washington, DC Area
Nov. 2, 2003
Photos by Muharrem Sev unless otherwise noted

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Gathering before dinner 
Front left: Linda Scheffer (T-8) & 
Carole Hughes (PCV Brazil)
Karen and Warren Master (T12), Warren Pritchard (T-1), , ?? , Pat Schoeni, Dave Weinman, Susan Bayley (T-4), Pat Fesci (T-4), Peggy Hanson (T-1), Margaret Pfunder


Joan Hammer Grant (T-1), Sandy Pfunder (back to camera), Mary Helen Madden (T-10).

The Turkish Ambassador His Excellency Faruk Loğoğlu, Arkadaslar President Susan Bayley (T-4), and Mrs. Loğoğlu

Mike Jewell (T-1), Marcia Gnuse (T13), Warren Pritchard (T-1), Susan Bayley (T-4), Ernie Hurst (Staff), ??, Doug Shifflet (T5), David Burnham (author), husband of Joanne Omang (hidden, T-4) , Mrs. Loğoğlu, Nesibe Howard (Trainer, back to camera),  Ambassador Loğoğlu
Susan Bayley receives from Muharrem Sev archival photo dated Oct 29,1929, taken in front of the first
parliament building in Ankara.  Ataturk and his colleagues on their way to participate in Republic Day celebrations.

 Sandy Pfunder (T-9),  Hülya Polat, President of the American Turkish Association of DC (ATA-DC) receiving archival photo from Arkadaslar,  Hüsnü Aydoğdu (musician), Susan Bayley (T-4), and Dave Weinman

Sandy Pfunder (T-9), Ramazan Tuzun (back to camera),  Hülya Polat receiving photo, Hüsnü Aydoğdu (musician), Susan Bayley (T-4), and Dave Weinman


 Joanne Omang (back to camera,T-4), Jerry Leach (T-4), Jim Hanson (mostly hidden),
 Peggy Hanson (T-1), Mike Jewell (T-1)Warren Kinsman (T-1), Dave Weinman, Ken Hill (T-9). Carmel Thompson (in rear), Winnie Hill, Allan Gall (T-1)

Ercument Kilic, the new president of ATAA, who transformed the organization into a NGO, Muharrem Sev, and Arkadaslar treasurer, Linda Scheffer (T-8).


Around table from left: Jim & Peggy Hanson (T-1), Mike Jewell (T-1), Warren Kinsman (T-1) ,Carmel Thompson, Mary Helen Madden,   Allan Gall (T-1),Warren Kinsman, Adam Vogt, Joan Hammer Grant (T1).??  


Around table from left: Carl Dean, David Burnham, Susan Bayley (T-4), Jerry Leach (T-4), Joanne Omang (T-4), Marianne Leach (T-4)


Foreground: Betty Baker (PCV in Ghana), Judie Jerald (T-8),  Zack Fromberg, Larry Montgomery (T-8) (foreground), who sang Turkish songs and recited Turkish poetry.  Seated at next table: Ramazan Tuzun (white shirt), and across from him is Yilmaz Polat,  Seated in first booth next to Susan in blue shirt is Tony Whitehead (T12), and Karen and Warren Master (T12), next booth is Husnu Aydoğdu, and across from him is Doug Shifflet (T5).
     Standing:  Susan Bayley (T-4) and Peggy Hanson (T-1). 
At table on left, back to front:
Larry Colbert (T4), Demet Lowry, Heath Lowry (T5), Sandy Anderson, Judie Jerald (T-8)
Center table:  Carl Dean, Marianne Leach (T-4), Ken Hill (T-9), Winnie Hill, Dave Weinman, Nesibe Howard,
Nesibe Howard (Trainer), Julia Tuzun, Ramazan Tuzun, Ernie Hurst (Staff), Pat Schoeni (Dave Weinman's wife). 
Back table: Mike Jewell (T-1, in front of the flag), Carmel Thompson


Santa Fe Dinner
 Marti Waller (front) (Ash's wife),Gail Daubensick, Peggy Comeau, Ash Campbell,Joe Hempfling, and Carol Hempfling. 

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