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David Garnett  Photos from Peace Corps  (T-15)
Most of these photos are from the area around Bartın, the town in Zonguldak Vilayet, where David taught English and French, 1967-69.
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Mezarlık türbesi near Bartın

Panorama of mezarlık türbesi

Venetian wall near Amasra

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Old Amasra

Istanbul University, summer 1968

Yeni Azım boat

Kozcağz, village street scene

Ahşap houses, Bartın
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Black Sea from Amasra

View of landlord's (Yunus Bey's) house

Rich man's house on Heybeliada, summer 1968

View from Bursa hotel, summer 1968

My garden in Bartın
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Tevfik Kalın and siblings, Durnuk Köy

Beirut, Lebanon, 1968 reminds me of Istanbul in 1990

Students in front of ilkokul, Gürgınpınar Köyü

Students swimming in Bartın Irmağı

Amasra, 1968
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Coastal road of Amasra, summer 1968

Students and family from Gürgınpınar Köyü

Yukarı Carsi Cad., Bartın, 1969

Mezarlık türbesi near Bartın 1980

Street outside my Bartıin apt. 1980
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Tevfik's sister,Emine, spinning yarn

Students in sports day parade, fall 1967

Waiting in town square for 10 Kasim parade

Parade, Ataturk's death day, Nov. 1967

Ufuk Vardar and friends Fetih, Sait, and others, Fall 1967
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Yukarı Carsi Cad., Bartın

Students and haystack

Taking walk with some homeroom students

Students, 1969

Picnic, boys section 1968
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Hudaverdi Bey eating with girls, 1968

Local village children observing school picnic, 1968

Short rascals: Yaşar, Bülent, and Vecdi, 1968

Preparing to show calf, Gürgınpınar Köyü, 1968

Showing off the calf, Gürgınpınar Köyü, 1968
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Teachers, Çocuk Bayramı 1969

Bartın from downriver

Kozcağız, perfect 19th century village with no electricity

Kozcağız,bridge (only) on back side of town

Ahmet and Mehmet Yılmaz in hometown of Kozcağız on way to Zonguldak
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Zonguldak, 1968

Zonguldak, 1968

Adıpazar with bad weather but great köfteler

Ron Pence and Robert College students in Antalya

Antalya ruins
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Antalya, winter break 1968

Beyazıt Camisi, Istanbul, showing structures that have grown up around mosque

Beyazıt Camisi, Istanbul

Ruins near Izmir.  Aspendos? Summer 1968

PC summer camp 68 Had two boys barf all over the bus never been in a motorized vehicle trip back I gave them Dramimine
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Students at Peace Corps summer camp, summer 1968

Newspaper boys go to work, summer 1968

Efes, summer 1968

Efes, summer 1968

Good-humored Orhan and Tahsin Bey
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Ahmet Düzyol engaged to Gülsen Hanım

Tevfik and Ali playing the saz, Durnuk Köyü
Bartın, Hamam Sokağı, early morning, 1978



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