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Sarah Parker (T-4), the chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, retired on August 31, 2014.  She was first elected to the court in 1992.  She served as the chief justice for more than eight years before she retired.  For more information, see
NC's chief justice hears final cases

Louise McMaster (T-16) featured in February 10, 2014 issue of e-TrueBlue, the Univ. of Michigan Alumni Magazine:

Heather McMaster and mother Louise McMaster, '66, are seen here standing by the formation of the Three Sisters in Cappadocia, Turkey. Thanks to her degree and certificate in physical therapy from the University, Louise was able to teach in Turkey for two years after gradation. She was happy to return with her adult children and wore her Mavi Git ("Go Blue" in Turkish) shirt proudly.

Leslie Peirce (T-4) is quoted in the Feb. 17 & 24, 2014 issue of The New Yorker magazine in its article on Turkey,  "Ottomania," by Elif Batuman, that features Turkey-4's own Leslie Peirce. She is quoted repeatedly as an expert on Ottoman history in the context of a discussion of the long-running soap opera about Suleyman the Magnificent and his slave-turned-concubine-turned-wife and empress Hurrem, or Roxelana. Leslie's book on the harem is cited as is her forthcoming book on Roxelana. The piece isn't a bad primer on Turkish history and current politics either. Kudos to Leslie! Masallah!

Dick Lilly (T-13) is manager for waste prevention in Seattle, WA.  Seattle is the only major U.S. city that has successfully banned plastic bags at checkout counters, starting last July (2012).  Dick is quoted as saying that it didn't take people very long to accommodate, that's probably partly because of his work in getting the city ready for the ban.  For more information, see "Is It Time to Bag the Plastic?" a news analysis by Elisabeth Rosenthal which appeared in the "Sunday Review" section of the New York Times, May 19, 2013, p. 4.  Just another example of our colleagues continuing to make a difference.  Thanks, Dick!

Bill Reese (T-8) has finally retired after 18 years in Munich with Radio Free Europe, and 15 years with Picker's Supply Music in Fredericksburg, and is devoting his time to playing  Bouzouki and Pibgorn with the Welsh-American Band, Moch Pryderi. Their website:

Robert Finn (T-15)
  On May 12, 2011, for the first time, AFOT joined with The American Turkish Society in New York for a program: "Going Back Home: The Turks in Central Asia" presented by Prof. Robert Finn. The lecture, which was preceded by a reception honoring Prof. Finn, highlighted the cultural and economic ties between Turkey and the Turkic-speaking people of Central Asia. Amb. Finn had been a Peace Corps volunteer and a Fulbright grantee in Turkey and served there three times as a Foreign Service Officer.  Later he was Ambassador to Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Chargé d'Affaires in Azerbaijan.

Priscilla Murray
(T-15) and husband Curtis Runnels (Professor of Archaeology at Boston University) and a team of Greek and American archaeologists have found, for the first time on Crete, artifacts attributable to the Early Paleolithic period. The artifact assemblage consists of hand axes, scrapers, cleavers, and other stone tools dated by their geological context to at least 130,000 years old. They resemble African Acheulean artifacts and suggest that hominins, early ancestors of modern humans, reached Europe from Africa by sea via the Greek islands. Until this discovery, scholars thought that Homo sapiens were the only ones capable of seafaring (beginning about 16,000 years ago) and that earlier hominin migrations were, therefore, by land through the Near East. (reported Feb. 2010)

Priscilla is holding a quartz cleaver

Jack Boatright (T-9) joined Peace Corps again!  He and his wife, Ina, became Peace Corps volunteers in Morocco beginning Sept. 6th, 2009.  They are both be working in Small Enterprise Development.

Chet Dowell (T-8)
is a wildlife photographer:  His works to be found at www.jubiar.com/chetdowell/about/  He has some really nice photographs for sale.

John Clark (T-4) has been involved in various education projects in Kyrgyzstan. He helped the American University in Central Asia get going in 1995-2000. After that he worked as Dean of Students at KIMEP in Almaty (2000-01) then was advisor to the Minister of Education in Kyrgyzstan (2001-2).  Then he was back at KIMEP as a professor (2003-7) & now is working as part of a project to establish a university level program in Tokmok, a small town 60 km. east of Bishkek. So far they have two programs (Business & English) and are planning to open three more. There are about 50 freshmen in it's first year of operation and they hope to grow. John is teaching history and English and doing a lot of administrative cooking and bottlewashing.  [Feb 2009]

Robert P Finn (T-15),
who was Ambassador to Tajikistan and Afghanistan, is now teaching international relations and Turkish literature at Princeton University. His translation of Nazli Eray's Orpheus was published by the University of Texas Press.

Jordan Scepanski (T-4) has joined the Board of the Bridge to Turkiye Fund (June 1, 2007), which supports children's education in rural Turkey.

Sarah Parker (T-4) has been appointed by Governor Mike Easley to become the chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court.   For more information about Justice Parker, see

Dale Dapkins (T-16) had his first one man museum show of paintings at the Key West Museum of Art and History.

Todd Boressoff (T-10) Report on his return trip to Turkey 2005.

Gordon Taylor (T-8) has a new book out: Fever and Thirst: Dr. Grant and the Christian Tribes of Kurdistan.

Elaine Jones (T-8) awarded The American Lawyer's Lifetime Achievement Awards.  That story and more on Elaine Jones.

Pat Findikoglu (T-16) in the news Nov. 20, 2004 on the Washington Post website: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A20573-2004Nov29.html

Ken Hill
(T-9) named Chair of the Board of the National Peace Corps Association (Fall 2004) 

Walter Ruehlig (T-16) named Humanitarian of the Year in his home county in Antioch, CA.  (2004)

Tom Brosnahan (T-15), author of several guidebooks on Turkey has developed a very interesting and useful website for planning your travel in Turkey.  Check out: TurkishTravelPlanner.com

Ken Hill (T-9)

Douglas Huff (T-16), playwright and professor of philosophy at Gustavus Adolphus College, had his play, Emil’s Enemies (based on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer) produced off-Broadway by Theatre M in 2001. Future productions scheduled for the play include Santa Fe, NM, and Bangalore, India in 2003. (Posted 11/02)   

Ambassador Faruk Loğoğlu, Turkey’s Ambassador to the US, was an instructor at some of our Peace Corps training sites in the 1960s.


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