Rebekah (Betty) M Shuey   (PC Staff)


As I began to write about Betty Shuey many memories flooded my mind–I didn’t know where to begin.  There are many people who have stories that they could share–for she loved people and started with guiding three Turkey-2 volunteers who were “Nursery School Teachers,” through the traumas of setting up Early Childhood programs.  originally she was working with AID, but was primarily involved with child care, including programs with orphanages, community development, training for students in technical schools, and with home economics programs.  She was a friend to many volunteers.  Many people met her as she visited their training programs.

I have become aware that the way we live life is often the most important gift that we can pass on–Bety left a great heritage.

                                                                            — Melissa Stewart (T-2)

Association of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Friends of Turkey