Alan B Shaw   (T-1)

November 28, 1998

Alan B. Shaw, father of Nathan, Elijah, and Emily, husband of Rosemary, Minister to  the First Congregational parish in Petersham, Mass., and towering member of the Turkey I group, died on November 28, 1998, as the result of an acute asthma attack.

Alan grew up in Concord, Mass., where he is buried.  He graduated from Groton School and Harvard College (1962).  His three master’s degrees reflect the rich range of his interests: the MIA from American University, the MBA from New York University, and in 1991 the M. Div from Harvard Divinity School.

In Turkey, Alan taught in Çorum his first year, and at Ereğli (Konya) his second.  We remember his interest in archaeology, leading us on a field trip to this or that ruin, his love of good food and drink (making certain we had the ingredients for exotic cocktails in remote provinces) and his love of conversation with friends, often long and late of night.

He always was such an open and sweet man.  It seemed a natural step for Alan to leave the world of business and banking to become a minister in recent years.   — Warren Pritchard, Turkey 1

Association of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Friends of Turkey