Linda Ann Cremieux Gould (T-13)

August 1992

Linda Cremieux Gould died in August, 1992, in Champaign, Ill. She is originally from Chicago.

Mike Gould, passed away in May of 2010 due to complications of diabetes. Mike was a friend of mine from high school days. When I was on the PC staff, living in Ankara, Mike was my roommate for one year. He had gone to Greece to teach but could not get a work permit there so I told him he could probably fine a job in Turkey. He came to Ankara and immediately found a job at METU where he met and befriended many Peace Corps volunteers. Many of them thought that he was a volunteer. After I left Ankara, he stayed on for another year, and it was in Ankara that he met volunteer Linda Cremieux, T-13, whom he married in 1970. Mike eventually ended up directing the English Language Institute for foreign students at the University of Illinois in Champaign. They raised their three children there. Linda died in 1992 as a result of melanoma.                                                               — Tony Venegoni

Association of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Friends of Turkey