Larry R Montgomery (T-8)                             

May 8, 2021

A tribute from Margaret Montgomery, Larry’s sister:

Grateful for my big brother who gave me all the pennies when he was a paper boy and read me Swiss Family Robinson by the winter fireside the year I turned 3. He showed me the world as my “speaks like a native tour guide” in Thailand and Turkey. He introduced me to his friends across the globe and his favorite wines. He was a great and grand uncle playing Risk, Chess or Monopoly, discussing books, dreams, philosophy or teaching karate. He taught many of us the meaning and expression of love, even mentoring our own parents in parenting skills as he broadened all our horizons with open minded love and understanding. His 3 years in the Peace Corps defined his life as a world traveler, a teacher of English as a second language, humanity and culture. His prodigious volume of memorized poetry and song in multiple languages kept his language skills sharp till glioblastoma cruelly invaded the speech center of his brain. His life made my world a better place.

Larry had no children of his own but is firmly claimed as a real father nonetheless. Hasan (a student from Ceyhan)and Michelle (a long term foster child in our family) testify. Hasan credits Larry with his successful academic and business career as Larry provided timely, critical support in his life and for his education. No one loves Larry more than Michelle. She says “When I was little I used to pray to God for one of his angels to be my friend. He answered my prayers and gave me more. Larry was and will always be my friend, brother and father. I had them all with him. My heart is broken but thankfully.”❤

Larry with some of his students in Ceyhan.
Larry while a PCV

A tribute from Paul Kirwan (T-8)

Our friendship began at Robert College in 1965.  Sharing a room and listening to the beauty of the “Call to prayer ” albeit at 5 am from a loudspeaker 20 feet from the room’s window in Ankara prior to departing to our teaching sites. 

We sat in stunned silence with 30 others as we watched a young woman with her suitcase get on the back of an ox cart and, with her müdür slowly begin the journey to a village in the far distance. 

Larry and played many games of backgammon in a Mersin cayhane while at the Mersin summer camp in 1966 establishing just who was the Mersin, then Turkey and finally world champion. 

In1968 Larry gave me the best advice ever telling me to marry the girl I was dating and 52 years later he proved himself right. 

Over the last few years my wife and I have gotten together in Florida at his family’s house, my place and with other RPCV’s here in Florida. 

I saw Larry just a few weeks ago but it was not a good day for him.  

Larry bey, dahaden kardasim, huzur  icinde yatsin. 

Paul Kirwan 
May 9, 2021

Association of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Friends of Turkey