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2004 Bayram Dinner Photos

New England Area Dinner

The New England Area RPCV's gathered on Saturday, October 30, for a wonderful Bayram celebration at the Istanbul Cafe in Boston [Brighton] People came from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Turkey [new Turkish friends Mine Ozturk and Emre Ozturk].   Most of us had not met before, but in true Peace Corps spirit we were instant friends, sharing memories and reflections from memorable times in Turkey.    Lynn Maichle and Margaret Fearey were the organizers of the event were we feasted on wonderful Turkish food and raki. They also held a drawing - with Kavaklidere wine as prizes.  Needless to say, we all look forward to the next time we can get together, hoping that other area Turkey RPCV's will be able to join us.

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from left: Lynn Maichle, Betty Leonard, Gene Blanchard, Patricia Dimond, Arthur Dimond, Suzanne Rom

Lynn Maichle (T-16), Betty Leonard (T-2), Gene Blanchard (T-4), Patricia Dimond (T-16), Arthur Dimond (T-16)

Lynn Maichle (T-16) and Margaret Fearey (T-12)

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Betty Leonard (T-2), Gene Blanchard (T-4), Patricia Dimond (T-16)

Rear from left:  Mine Ozturk (Turkish friend), Arthur Dimond (T-16), Lynn Maichle (T-16), Betty Leonard (T-2), Margaret Fearey (T-12), Gene Blanchard (T-4), Emre Ozturk (Turkish friend); Front:: Suzanne (Grelson) Rom (T-5), Patricia Dimond (T-16)

Rear:  Mine Ozturk (Turkish friend), Arthur Dimond (T-16), Lynn Maichle (T-16), Betty Leonard (T-2), Margaret Fearey (T-12), Gene Blanchard (T-4), Alan Jay Rom (Suzanne's husband and Bolivian RPCV);
Front: Suzanne (Grelson) Rom (T-5), Patricia Dimond (T-16)

Seattle Area

Back row: Chris Smith, Patty Anderson (& Oscar!), Gretchen LaTurner, Anne Smith, Barb VanDyke Shuman, Dale Hultengren, Dana Marmion, Diana Pearce, Ed Elenbaas.
Front row: Pat Anderson, Ali San, Dick Denda, Dave Vandegrift, Ellie Vandegrift, George Wright

Washington, DC Area Dinner

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Lois Meyer, Amca Dave Weinman, and Richard Meyer, travel agent who arranged for the 2002 and 2004 trips to Turkey

Kevin Quigley, President of the NPCA
Joan Strickler Weeks (T-9), Standing is
Esra Kalcı (Kazan owner's niece), Pinar Arcan whose father taught Turkish to RPCVs after their return to Washington, DC), Sandy Anderson (T-13), Darrell Zimmerman (T-8)
From left, Nap Olvera (Kay's husband), Bob Gnuse (Marcia's husband), Kay Jelinek Olvera (in flowered bouse) (T-8), Diane Root Herson (T-13), and Marcia in black & white (T-13).

Ken Hill (standing), introducing speakers

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Chair of the NPCA Board, Ken Hill (T-8), Peace Corps Director
Gaddi Vasquez, Elaine Vasquez, Dave Weinman, Margaret Pfunder, Ellie LeBaron (T-15), and Winnie Hill

Mugs Mast (T-2) who trained T-13's in Turkey, Max Scruggs (Kathy's husband), Warren Kinsman (T-1)

Facing camera: Ken Hill, ??, Gaddi Vasquez, Elaine Vasquez, Dave Weinman, Margaret Pfunder

Peace Corps Director Gaddi Vasquez talking with Tony Whitehead (T-12) and his wife, Karen Gentemann
Clockwise from front center: Marianne Leach (T-4), Joanne Omang (T-4), Jill Diskan (T-4), Judith Jenkins (T-4), Jerry Leach (T-4), Mike Jewell (T-1)

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Winnie Hill, Dave Weinman, Kevin Quigley (NPCA President),  Margaret Pfunder, Pat Schoeni (Dave's wife), Mugs Mast, Max Scruggs, Warren Kinsman (T-1)

Winnie Hill, Pat Schoeni (seated), Gaddi Vasquez,Tony Whitehead (T-12), Karen Gentemann, & (far right) Marianne & Jerry Leach
Kathy Scruggs (T-2), Ann Loughran Hearn (T-2), and Dave Bloch (T-2)
Facing camera: Max & Kathy Scruggs
Back to camera: Ed Hearn, Dave Bloch,  Ann Loughran Hearn (T-2)

Mugs and Chuck Mast (T-2)

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Yıldız Yağc

Dave Weinman, Margaret and Sandy Pfunder, and Lois Meyer

Raffle drawing
Standing: Peggy Hanson and Linda Scheffer

 Mugs (Margaret) Mast, Max Scruggs (T-2), Barbara Bloch, Kathy Scruggs (T-2).    Bottom right: Dave Bloch (T-2)

Standing: Peggy Hanson (T-1), waiter (owner Zeynel's brother), ?? and Linda Scheffer (T-8)

Seated, bottom left:  Allan Gall (T-1)

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Mustafa and Joan Soykan

Ellie LeBaron (T-15), Ken Hill (T-9), Peace Corps Director Gaddi and Elaine Vasquez

Tony Whitehead (T-12), Karen Gentemann (Tony's wife), Jim and Peggy Hanson (T-1)

Warren Kinsman (T-1) and Mike Jewell (T-1)

Margaret and Sandy Pfunder (T-9) and Lois Meyer

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Warren Kinsman (T-1), Mike Jewell (T-1), Doris Malin (T-5), Margaret & Sandy Pfunder (T-9)

Joan Strickler Weeks (T-9), Billie Day, Sandy Anderson (T-13), Betty Baker and Pinar Arcan

Sandy Anderson (T-13) and
Yıldız Yağcı

Allan Gall (T-1) talking with Valerie Olson, widow of Erik Olson (T-1)


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John (T-2) and Janet Wintrol

Betty Baker, Mugs Mast, 2 helpers & Yıldız Yağc
ı of Anatolian Artisans

Billie Day and Joan Soykan

Looking at carpets:  Jilll Diskan (T-4) and Pat Schoeni

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Jill Diskan (T-4) checking out carpets

Checking out the carpets.
Doris Malin (T-5), Joanne Omang (T-4), carpet dealers, and Zeynel, owner of Kazan Restaurant


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