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2005 Bayram Dinner Reports

Bayram Dinner Reports

Arkansas Boston, MA Madison, WI New York North Carolina Portland, OR Seattle, WA Washington, DC


NE HATIRLIYORSUNUZ? was the challenge that greeted the seventeen Arkadaslar who gathered in Durham, North Carolina on October 29, 2005 to celebrate Cumhuriyet Bayram. The group divided into teams over meze and wine to ponder a customized crossword puzzle featuring such clues as: obsolete Turkish coin, Peace Corps hotel in Ulus, & shared taxi. This was a great icebreaker for our annual gathering, which included a wonderful blend of regulars and newcomers.

Ann Ringland (T-08/9) and Sally & Al Poland (T-06) coordinated the event, which was held at a spacious party room in Annís townhouse community. Middle Eastern cuisine from a local deli was served. Jordan Scepanski (T-04) and wife Lea Wells, who missed our last three gatherings while on a 3-year job stint in the United Arab Emirates, brought a bottle of raki to share and prepared cay in their new Turkish teapot. Ed Block (T-08) and wife Diane brought Edís Peace Corps photo album, but forgot to take it home as they hastened off to a Halloween costume party after dinner.

Marelle Stoltzfus Groteluschen (T-03) and husband Jon drove six hours from Aiken, SC to join in the celebration. They especially enjoyed a reunion with Lucille Mayes Carter (T-03) and her husband Charles. Lucille was maid of honor at their wedding in Istanbul in 1964. Ed Klinger (T-13) and wife Mary Jo, who recently moved from North Dakota, brought Nursen and Richard Simmons, neighbors with Turkish connections. Emin Pamucak, president of the American Turkish Association (ATA) of NC, and his wife Ayse were also welcomed as special guests. They shared information on ATA activities and invited Arkadaslar to participate in their bayram celebration in 2006, promising authentic Turkish cuisine and folk-dancing. Weíre already looking forward to next year!          -- Reported by Sally Poland (T-06)

North Carolina Arkadaslar celebrate Cumhuriyet Bayram
Front: Lucille Mayes Carter (T-3), Marelle Stoltzfus Groteluschen (T-3), Ann Ringland (T-8/9),
Sally Poland (T-6).
Rear: Ed Block (T-8), Al Poland (T-6), Ed Klinger (T-13), Jordan Scepanski (T-4).

North Carolina Arkadaslar celebrate Cumhuriyet Bayram
 Front: Lea Wells, Sally Poland (T-6), Ann Ringland (T-8/9), Lucille Mayes Carter (T-3), Marelle Stoltzfus Groteluschen (T-3), Nursen Simmons, Ayse Pamucak, Al Poland (T-6).
Rear: Ed Block (T-8), Diane Block, Charles Carter, Jordan Scepanski (T-4), Jon Groteluschen, Richard Simmons, Mary Jo Klinger, Ed Klinger (T-13).
Photographer: Emin Pamucak



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