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2011 Peace Corps/Arkadaslar Reunion
Sept. 22-25, 2011

Washington, DC

We're receiving photos from many of you who attended and some wonderful photos they are.  Please take a look at these in addition to the photos below:
     T-2:  Cathy Venegoni's photos of T-2's at Global Reunion (PDF)
     T-4:  Madeleine Kileen's photos
     T-5:  Mike Miller's Photos
     T-9:  Thomas Reinhard (T-9) photos in PDF format 
     T-10: Mike Miller's Photos

         NPCA Photos of Arkadalar

Group photo before Walk of the Flags across Arlington Memorial Bridge --photo by Mike Miller
We're trying to identify all the Arkadaslar in the photos we post here.  If you see someone misidentified or missing an identification, please let us know the correct information: webmaster@arkadaslar.info.  Thanks.

Registration Thursday-Friday, Sept 22-23

Linda Scheffer (T-8) checking people in

Gökhan Eşel sporting t-shirts he had made and interviewing John Wintrol (T-2)

Arkadaşlar checking in:  Gretchen Nist LaTurner (T-8), Judith Moser Wanner (T-8), Jeannine Tonetti (T-8), and Gökhan Eşel
Reception at Turkish Ambassador's Residence, Friday, Sept. 23rd
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#0 Ascending stairs to reception:   (T-8) Cathy Venegoni, Bev Ausfahl (T-13), Ms. Barkenbus, Rita Dunn Carey (T-13), Tony Venegoni (T-2), Tony Carey (T-13), and Judith Howe White (T-8)

#1 Judith Howe White (T-8) & Judith Havens Altuğ (T-4)

#2  Mary Kelly Morris (T-8) and Margaret Hamill Patterson (T-4)

#3  Charles Howard (T-10), Mike Miller (T-5) and Walter Salmen (T-1)

#4 Tony & Rita Carey (T-13)
Page 2

#5  Charles and Lucille Mayes Carter (T-3)

#6  Dale Smith, Joan Keene Smith (T-8), Claire David Edwards (T-8) and Tom Edwards

#7  Darrell Zimmerman (T-8) and Pat Gleason Chase (T-8)

#8  Darrell Zimmerman (T-8), Ken Marion (T-8), and Tom Edwards
Dale Smith in background

#9  Jane Hogan (T-10), Cathryn Goddard (T-10), and Colleen Clark (T-4)
Page 3

#10  Carol Pittard Siller (T-4), Madeleine Paul Killeen (T-4), and Karen Thode DeAntoni (T-4)


#11 Kay Jelinek Olvera (T-8), Pat Corcoran (T-8), and Jane Hogan (T-10)


#12 Dana Marmion (T-15), Sandy Comstock Anderson (T-13), and Joan Strickler Weeks (T-9)

#13 Peggy Gall Hanson (T-1) and Gökhan Eşel

#14  Bob Riesett and Karen Shifflet Riesett (T-5)
Page 4

#15  Mike Shapiro (T-5) and Janet O'Hare (T-5)

#16  David McAveeney (T-6 Guest), Al Poland (T-6) and Janet MacNulty McAveeney ? (T-6)

#17 Joanne Omang (T-4), Judy Venezia Kavanagh (T-4), and Jim Shugerts (T-4)

#18  Eloise Miller McConnaughey (T-4), and Ken Dabbs (T-1)

#19 Julie (O’Reilly) Eggleston (T-16), Laurie Richardson (T-16), Pat (Reifenrath) Fındıkoğlu (T-16)
Page 5

#20  Meredith Park, John Wintrol (T-2), and George Park (T-1)


#21  Marc Sullivan and Karen Darby Sullivan (T-12)


#22 Listening to welcome:  Foreground: Doug Shifflet (T-5), Dave Wesselink (T-4), Judith Farbman, wife of Todd Boressoff (T-10) next to her. 

#23  Elliott Eisenberg (T-12) and Carolyn Omo (T-5)


#24 Laurie Richardson (T-16) and Margaret Gallagher Lutkoski (T-15)
Page 6

#25  Robert Lutkoski (T-13) and Margaret Gallagher Lutkoski (T-15)

#26  Pat Reifenrath Fındıkoğlu (T-16), Anne Bullock Sublett (T-16), and Laurie Richardson (T-16)

#27  Ann Loughran Hearn (T-2), her husband Ed Hearn, their daughter Elizabeth Hearn, and Pat Mitchell Lowther (T-2)  

#28  Kevin McCarthy (T- 2)


#29  Mike Shapiro (T-5) and Ephraim "Eph" Frankel (T-9)

Page 7

#30  Jock Gum (T-12) and Jan Gum (T-12)

#31  Barbara King, wife of Michael Paige (T-8), Dave Vandegrift (T-8), and his wife Elinor Vandegrift

#32  Linda L. Dominik (T-2)

#33  Sara "Scout" Fritzell Hanhan (T-12/Staff) and Pat Reifenrath Fındıkoğlu (T-16)

#34  Dan Callahan (T-16), Lynn Maichle (T-16), and Anne Bullock Sublett (T-16)
Page 8

#35  Todd Boresoff (T-10) and his wife, Judith Farbman


#36  Stanley Grossman?(T-12) and ??


#37 ??, Judith Cederblom (T-12), and ??

#38 ?? and Linda Grom (T-1 wife of Terry Nichols)

#39 Mary-Jo DelVecchio good (T-6), Robert Olson (T-2), and Judith Olson
Page 9

#40  Gretchen Nist LaTurner (T-8), Anne Takefuji (T-8), and Judy Moser Wanner (T-8)

#41  Linda L. Dominik (T-2), Linda Scheffer (T-8), and Kathy Markley Scruggs (T-2)

#42  Richard Davis (T-16)

#43 Nanci Jewell
Rear: David Hopkins (T-1)

#44 Peggy Gall Hanson (T-1) and Jim Hanson
Page 10

#45 Janet and David (T-1) Hopkins

#46  Jon Groteluschen, husband of Marelle Stoltzfus Groteluschen (T-3)


#47  Margaret "Mugs" Mast (T-2), Chuck Mast (T-2), George Wright (T-9), and ??


#48  Al Poland (T-6), Sally Poland (T-6), Marelle Stoltzfus Groteluschen (T-3) and Jon Groteluschen


#49  Pat Corcoran (T-8) and Margaret Walters Miyake (T-8)

Page 11

#50  Judith Moser Wanner (T-8), Penny Taylor (T-8), Anne Takefuji (T-8), Jennifer Tubbs Jennings (T-8), and Bob McBride (T-8) (rear)

#51  Larry Montgomery (T-8) and Lin Lougheed (T-16)

Steve Poppick (T-10) and Peggy Hanson (T-1), our Buralarda editors


Links to pages of other reunion photos


Reception Thumbnails Plenary Session
Walk of Flags
Group Photos
Reception P1 Presenters 1 Walk 1 T-1
Reception P2 Presenters 2 Walk 2 T-2
Reception P3 Plenary 2 Walk 3
Reception P4 Plenary 3 Walk 4 T-4
Reception P5 Plenary 4 Walk 5 T-5
Reception P6 Plenary 5 Walk 6
Reception P7 Plenary 6 Walk 7
Reception P8 Plenary 7 Walk 8
Reception P9 Plenary 8 Walk 9 T-9
Reception P10 Plenary 9 Walk 10 T-10
Reception P11 Plenary 10
Plenary 11
Plenary 12 T-15
Plenary 13


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