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On this page and attached pages are photos of our Peace Corps groups.  If you have photos you'd like to submit, please send them to our webmaster.

                                       Turkey-8 at JFK, July 1965     
 --Photo courtesy of Bill Reese

                                           Turkey 9's: (left to right, front to back)      -- Photo courtesy of Sandy Pfunder

Front Row:  Jim Wolf, Tom Turner, Chet Thomas, Hugh O'Neill, Marcy OPearson, Silva Staab, Ann Ringland, Russ Whitsel, Terry Liesner.

Second Row:  Irv and Lois Rockhill, Carol Weber, Fran Gilmer, Geri Swanberg, Mike Nyhan, Dennie Pearson, Bob Stabb

Third Row:  Ann Boylon, Jean Saarela, Gary Stebbins, Janet Bachmann, Terry Hedrick, Wing Barfoot, Joe Hempfling, George Wright, Diana Pearce Wright

Fourth Row:  Rich Wandschneider, Sandy Pfunder, Molly Ehrlinger, Ken Hill, Tom Reinhard, Janet Pomerenke, Jim Barfoot, Mike Basile, Carol Franz, Ann Haas, Dave Mechtenberg, Bill Surbaugh, Joan Strickler

Fifth row and behind:  Marv Eash, Allen Neill, Guy Gattis, Sue Hildebrand, Dan Leahy, Stu Huntington.

Turkey 10--1966   Photo taken at Los Angeles airport by SAS stairs as we boarded flight from LAX to Copenhagen (stopping at Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland for refueling). 
--Photo courtesy of Steve Poppick

Standing left to right:  Jerry Huguet, Jonathan Swift, Cathryn Goddard (hidden), Ken St. Louis,  David Smith (hidden),  Margo Jones, Bob Perlstein, David Parish, Bruce Eberle, Joe Isaacs (hidden), Cecile Greider, Steve Poppick, Hiram White (hidden), Alice Austin, Nancy Roberts, Will Czarlinsky, Donna (Czarlinsky) Daily (hidden), Mary Helen Madden, Virginia Close, Ken Johnson, Jane Hogan, Todd Boressof, Anne Walshe, Jim McCullough, Tom Dunn, Leo Hogan.

Crouching in front: Jim Akre, Charlie Howard


                                   Turkey 15--Occidental College Group, July 1967  --Photo courtesy of Dick Janzig

Sitting on ground:  Don Weber, Howie Scott, Frank Martin

Front Row:  Margaret Gallagher, Diane Weber, Kathy Van Spanckeren, Anne Srotyr, Martha Kasper, Dora Roach, Mary Meacham, Joan Rosenbaum, Caroline Martin, Gerry DeLeTorre, Joyce Gurian, Mary Gilmore, Karen Enochs, Kathy Walkup

Middle row:  Ute Hanish, Beth Hollman, Cheryl Johnson, Priscilla Murray, Pat Jacoby, Kay McCarley, Carolyn Mix(?), Sharon Gordon, Pam Thompson, Michelle Reynolds, Diane Bell, Carl DeLaTorre, Murry Rosenbaum, Martin Dooley, Dave Wilson, Bev Larson, Ellie Drake

Back row:  Keith Johnson, Ron Rabin, Bruce Kokernot, Marc Levine, Jim Freeman, Bill Brockhaus, Fred Thompson, Terry Reynolds, Mike Gilpin, Jerry Ramelow, Rich Beebe, Jack Meacham, Dick Janzig, Ken Kepke, Doug Hollman, Dave Larson,  Michael Kasper

Missing from photo:  Jack Barnes, Bob Finn, Bonnie Mitchell, Mike Napier, John Olin.


Can you identify anyone not listed?  Please let us know so we can add their names.

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