Karen Tate (T-15)


I am very sad to tell you Karen passed away in 1998 following an heroic battle against ovarian cancer.  Karen and I initially met in Izmir where I was a T-14 volunteer.  She became very close friends with both my husband and myself and she was our matron of honor when we married in 1970.  Karen herself never married but lived and worked most of her life in Portland, Oregon after leaving the Peace Corps.  Her mother, sister and nieces continue to live in Eugene, Oregon.  Karen was one of the most loving women I have ever known and, even when her health became very poor, I never once heard her complain.  My husband and I had the honor of being pallbearers at her funeral.  She was such a precious friend and we miss her everyday. 

                                                  Kathleen (Green) Petrulli, T-14

Association of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Friends of Turkey