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2011 Peace Corps/Arkadaslar Reunion
Sept. 22-25

Washington, DC

Plenary Session Photos - Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011

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Plenary Speakers and Presenters 1

#S1  Panelists at our plenary session im Hanson, Rauf Alp Denktaş, Prof. Heath Lowry, and Jim Merz

#S2  Professor Heath Lowry (T-5)

#S3  Peggy Gall Hanson (T-1) 

 Professor Zafer Parlak who discussed how Turks remember us today.

Professor Robert Olson (T-2) discussed the Kurds in Turkey today.
Plenary Speakers and Presenters 2

#S6  Professor Zafer Parlak and Ephraim "Eph" Frankel

#S7  Amca Dave Weinman (Staff) accepting Peace Corps' anniversary pendant for his work in forming and holding together Arkadaşlar

#S8  Linda Scheffer (T-8) and Sandy Comstock Anderson (T-13) after receiving Peace Corps' anniversary pendants
for their ongoing work holding us together.

#S9  Ballroom full of Turkey RPCVs
Near table: Catherine Jorgensen McCutcheon (T-12) & Ron McCutcheon (T-12) and Carolyn (T-5) & Larry Omo (T-5)

#S10  Amca Dave Weinman and Prof. Zafer Parlak

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#1 ?? (T-4), Betty Hanks Leonard (T-2), Charles Carter (husband of Lucille Mayes Carter (T-3)

#2  Shopping:  Darrell Zimmerman (T-8), Pat Gleason Chase (T-8), ?? Bill Surbaugh (T-9), ??,
Jeanne Moulton (T-13), and Margaret Hamill Patterson (T-4) (with back to camera) checking shirt order.

#3  Tony Venegoni (T-2) and his wife, Cathy.

#4  Bill Surbaugh (T-9 & Sandy Pfunder (T-9)

#5  Michael Paige (T- 8)
In background left: Jon Groteluschen, Kathy Riedmiller (T-8), and her husband, Doug Griebner
In background right: Dana Marmion (T-15), Sandy Comstock Anderson (T-13)
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#6  Tom Collins (T-4)

#7 Shopping:Judith Rusnock Jenkins (T-4), Pat Blute Fesci (T-4), ??, ??

#8  Margaret Hamill Patterson (T-4)

#9  Shopping: Robert Olsen (in background), Susan Bayley (T-4), Judith Rusnock Jenkins (T-4)

#10 Darrell Zimmerman (T-8), Tony Solyom (husband of Gwen Cattle Solyom (T-8)), ??


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#11  Louise Duesing McMaster (T-16) & Barbara Spangenberg (T-6)
In back: Judy Havens Altuğ (T-4), 
Katherine Jelinek Olvera (T-8), her husband, Nap Olvera. and Pat Corcoran (T-8)

#12 Kay Jelinek Olvera (T-8), Nap Olvera & Pat Corcoran (T-8)

#13  Linda Scheffer (T-8) and Kathy Markley Scruggs (T-2)

#14  Allan Gall (T-1/Staff) sporting t-shirt he designed

#15  Looking at purchases: Pat Blute Fesçi(T-4)
, Susan Bayley (T-4), & ??
At table to left rear: Mike Jerald (T-8), Paul Kirwin (T-8), and John Thompson (T-8)
Page 5

#16 Larry Colbert (T-4), Tom Edwards & Claire David Edwards (T-8)

#17  Mike Jerald (T-8), Paul Kirwan (T-8) & John Thompson (T-8)
In background: Tom Collins (T-4)


#18  Judith Rusnock Jenkins (T-4) and Douglas Bray (T-4)

#19  ??, Marilyn Barbur Stark (T-4) and her husband, James Stark

#20  Karen Yeoman (daughter of Pat Corcoran), Pat Corcoran (T-8), & Judy Havens Altuğ (T-4)
Page 6

#21  Warren Pritchard (T-1), Peggy Gall Hanson (T-1), and ??

#22  Carl Nelson (T-13), Dick Denda (T-13), Sara "Scout" Fritzell Hanhan (T-12/Staff), &  (standing) Judith Howe White (T-8)
In rear:  Jill Diskan (T-4) & ??

#23  Nina Selz (T-1) and Joan Hammer Grant (T-1)

#24  Steve Allen (T-1) and Allan Gall (T-1)

#25  David Hopkins (T-1), Janet Hopkins, and Jim Bertenshaw (T-1)
Page 7

#26  Warren Kinsman (T-1), George Park (T-1), and David Hopkins (T-1)

#27  Lois Rockhill (T-9) and Ervin Rockhill (T-9)

#28  Robert Olson (T-2) and Judith Olson

#29  Al Handy (T-12), ??, and Jock Gum (T-12)


#30  Janice Gum (T-12), Stan Grossman (T-12), Catherine Jorgensen McCutcheon (T-12)
Page 8

#31  Judith Farbman (wife of Todd Boresoff (T-10)) and Charles Howard (T-10)

#32  Margo Jones (T-10), background: ??, Robert Olson (T-2)

#33  Amca Dave Weinman (Staff), Hank Webb (T-5) and ??

#34  Jane Hogan (T-10), Pat Gleason Chase (T-8), and Karen Yeoman, daughter of Pat Corcoran

#35  Marianne Leach (T-4) and Jerry Leach (T-4)
In background: Beth Johnston Healey (T-4), Mike Shapiro (T-5) and Bulent Atalay (T-2 & T-8 Turkish Instructor) & ??
Page 9

#36  Beth Johnston Healey (T-4), Marianne Leach (T-4), Mike Shapiro (T-5),
and Bülent Atalay (T-2 & T-8 Turkish Instructor)

#37  ??, ??, Sally Poland (T-6)  

#38 ??, ??, Penny Field (T-12) and Matt Halonen (T-12)

#39  Ilsa's daughter, Laura Dickinson, Ilsa Duke Dickinson (T-15), Carol Reinhard, & Tom Reinhard (T-9) (right rear)

#40  ??, ??, and Tom Reinhard (T-9)
Page 10

#41 Front:  Jerry Leach (T-4) and Janet O'Hare (T-5)

#42  Bob Staab (T-9), Ken Hill (T- 9/Staff), and Amca Dave Weinman (Staff)

Front table, Helen Johnson (T-12, deceased), ??, Elliot Eisenberg (T-12), Gretchen Nist LaTurner (T-8).  Behind Helen: Ephraim Frankel (T-9)

Barbara Bryan (T-13), Jack (T-13) & Belgin Barkenbus, Nesibe Howard (trained T-13s, t-15s and others). Far right gray suit – Robert Olson (T-2), Behind Jack in white is Gretchen Nist LaTurner (T-8).  Behind Nesibe is Catherine Jorgensen McCutcheon (T-12)

David (T-15) & Ann Wilson,
Nesibe Howard, Rita Carey Dunn (T-13), Beverly Ausfahl (T-13), Robert Olson (T-2), Steve Poppick (T-10), John Wintrol (T-2)  Cathryn Goddard (T-10)
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#46  Tony Carey (T-13)
 Barbara Bryan (T-13), Helen Johnson (T-12, deceased).  Zafer Parlak, Elliot Eisenberg (T-12)

#47   George Wright asking a question of the speakers.  Mike Jewel (T-1), Arkadaslar President, also standing.

#48   Rae Jean Sielen (who prints our beautiful directories), Judith Farbman (Todd's wife), and Todd Boressoff (T-10)

#49  Susan Bayley (T-4) and Mary Helen Madden (T-10)

#50  Mary Helen Madden (T-10) & Pat Blute Fesci (T-4)
Page 12

#51  Pat Gleason Chase (T-8) and John Thompson (T-8)

#52  Michael Jerald (T-8) and Larry Montgomery (T-8)

#53  Gene Blanchard (T-4) and ??

#54 Sandy Comstock Anderson (T-13) and Susan McHenry Holm (T-13)


#55  Ilsa Duke Dickinson (T-15) and Mary Curtis Meacham (T-10/15)
Page 13

#56  Mike Jewell (T-1) giving Linda Scheffer (T-8) Peace Corps' Anniversary Pendant

# 57  Janet and David (T-1) Hopkins

#58  Warren Kinsman (T-1), Peggy (Gall) Hanson (T-1)


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