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Portland Reunion, June 16-19, 2005

Saturday Morning Session-- Page 1




Group Photos--Page 2




Dinner for 13's and 15's
Photos of Individuals --Page 3

Phil Konkel (T-15)

Burak Akçapar, First Counsellor, Turkish Embassy, Washington

Dick Lilly (T-13)

Enid Elliot (T-17)


Photos of Individuals --Page 4

Muharrem Sev

Sally Heggie Copeland

Adam Freeman (Jim Freeman's (T-15) son)

Photos of Small Groups--Page 5

Patti Dillon (T-4), Linda Scheffer (T-8), Tana Jones Dugan (T-5).

Lucy Mayes (T-3), Marilyn Barbour Stark (T-4), Beth Healey (T-4)

??, Enid Elliot, Bill and Peggy Berry

Kent Breidenstein
, Dana Marmion (T-15), Michael Eulenberg (T-15)
Groups of Service--Page 6

Turkey 1's

Turkey 2
Melissa Stewart

Turkey 3's
Lucy Mayes, Sarah Seybold, Dick Feeney, Maranee "Mimi: Sanders, Chris Lair

Turkey 4's
Groups of Service--Page 7

[Anyone have a photo?]

Turkey 5's

[Anyone have a photo?]

Turkey 6's

Turkey 8's

Turkey 9's
Groups of Service--Page 8

Turkey 10's
Susan Strane and Mary Helen Madden

Turkey 12's

Turkey 13s
Sandy Comstock Anderson, Bob and Judy (Laurence) Zahn, Dick Denda, and Dick Lilly

Turkey 15s (l-r):  Dale Hultengren, Chris Pilotti, Michael Eulenberg, Ellie LeBaron, Dana Marmion, Dick Janzig, Jim Freeman, Hanna Eulenberg, Phil Konkel, Karen Hagewood
Page 9

Sandy Anderson and daughter Ashley

Barbara Spangenberg (T6) and Tana Jones Dugan (T5)

Jim Healey (T-4) and Jill Diskan (T-4)

Marilyn Barbour Stark and Beth Healey (T-4)
Photos of Individuals--Page 10

Sara Huntington Ohly

Rich Wandschneider

Hannah Eulenberg

Karen Hagewood
Photos of Individuals--Page 11

Ephraim Frankel with hat and hair of Diana Pearce (both T-9)

Dale Hultengren (T-15)

Bill Berry (staff)

Mimi Sanders (T-3)
--Photo courtesy of Muharrem Sev
Photos--Assorted Page 12

Several Turkey-4s

Dick Lilly(T-13), Rich Wandschneider (T-9), and Judy Macuga Wandschneider (T-17)

Group Dinner
Bob & Judy Zahn, Jim Freeman's son, Adam, and Jim Freeman (T-15) and Sandy Anderson (T-13)

Group Dinner
Ruth Hultengren, Charlie Anderson, Dick Janzig (T-15), Chris Pilotti (T-15),
Linda and Jim McHenry (T-13), Peggy Berry
Group Photos -- Page 13

"Official" Reunion Photo Photo by Jaun Kis
Kispix, Portland, OR

Upper left portion of group photo

Upper right portion of group photo

Lower left portion of group photo

Can you identify anyone not listed?  Please let us know so we can add their names.

Have reunion photos you'd like to contribute?  Please send them (one at a time, not over 500 KB in size).  We'll crop them as necessary.


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