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  Turkey RPCVs by Group

Turkey 02

Carolyn L Wilson Anderson
William S Aron
Richard J Ash, Jr. 
Barbara K Balfour
William R Barnes
Marianne Kane Bartin
Cindy F Wardle Basile
Lyle H Bjork
David B Bloch
Bob Bloor
Nancy S Bouse
Franklin Bouvy
Terry Brandt
David G Bringedahl
Katharine A Campbell
Harold F Carpenter, Jr.
Martha Crawford Christian
Paul Coleman Cochran
Frank W Creel
Carol Crumlish
Linda L Dominik
Patricia Smith Eichenlaub
Frank Erickson
Allen D Field
Robert W Fogg
Judith Ann Stock Funk
John F Gallivan  (02/Staff)
Virginia Olds Goshdigian
Ann J Loughran Hearn
James J Hogan
Emily J Hradec
Judith Edelstein Jennings
Ronald C Jennings
David F Johnston
Patricia Murphy Kuczkowski
James W Lay

Betty Hanks Leonard
Santina A Licata
Lance T Lindquist
Patricia Mitchell Lowther
Eve Bowers MacMaster
Paul J & Sharlene M Hagemann Magnarella
Mary Margaret Blount Mainer
Charles & Margaret K Mast
Kevin M McCarthy
Margaret C Foti Mettler
Jim N Michael
Curtis Miles
Penny (Tracy) Miller
Tom Molloy
Sandra Myers
Roger P Nye
Robert W Olson
Eugene T & Susan Garlick Paslov
Scott Perlenfein
Dominic F Reddington
Mae Turner Reggy-Mamo
Jo Ann Roseler
Kay Markley Scruggs
Hugh H Sherrill, Jr.
Margaret A Simpson
Melissa Meacham Stewart
Rosie Suit
Stoner Tracy
Mae Turner
John T Turnquist
Anthony G Venegoni (02/Staff)
Beverly Hall Wakefield
Charles W White
John P Wintrol
Marie Ann Zeller
Jean A Zukowski/Faust

Cathy Venegoni's photos of T-2's at Global Reunion

Top, left to right: Mugs Mast, Chuck Mast, Frank Creel, Tony Venegoni
iddle, left to right:  Margaret Hamill Patterson (T-4), John Gallivan, Terry Brandt, David Bloch, Rosie Suit, Linda Lee Dominik, Jim Lay, Betty Hanks Leonard, David Bringedahl, Kevin McCarthy, Pat Mitchell Lowther, Dave Weinman, John Wintrol, Bill Whitman
Seated in chairs:  Charlie White, Marie Zeller, Melissa Stewart, Jim Hogan, Kathy Markley Scruggs, Doris. Whitman - wife to Bill
Seated on deck:  Ann Loughran Hearn

Turkey 2 volunteers celebrated the 45th anniversary of our arrival in Turkey with a reunion in Washington, DC  over the Cumhuriyet bayram weekend (October 24-26, 2008). 32 volunteers made it to the festivities and many others participated with written bios and phone calls.  

Activities included a dinner Friday night at John and Jan Wintrol’s home, a presentation Saturday on current Turkish political and economic issues by former Ambassador James Holmes (now President of the American Turkish Council) hosted by David and Barbara Bloch, and a catered dinner Saturday night arranged by Kathy and Max Scruggs. The weekend concluded with the traditional Bayram dinner Sunday evening at a restaurant with Washington area volunteers from other groups.  

Volunteers came from all over the country, from California, the Pacific Northwest, Texas, Florida, Michigan, New York and many places in-between. One of our Turkish language instructors, Bulent Atalay, participated as did “amca” Dave Weinman.  Wonderful memories were recalled, stories told and retold (some of which undoubtedly embellished over the years), friendships renewed, and substantial quantities of Kavaklidere wines and Efes beer consumed. One thing was very clear: over the years we Turkey 2 volunteers had not forgotten how to party and have a good time.  

Kevin McCarthy (Professor Emeritus University of Florida) is taking the bios, written memories of our group’s experiences and pictures, both from the reunion and during our PC service, and turning the material into a book which each of us will receive. A special thanks goes to Kathy Scruggs who headed the reunion effort and was responsible for making it all come together. 


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