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Turkey 05  (1964-66)

Paul F Ahlquist
Laurel J (Fantz) Anderson
Michael Austrian
Sheila A Austrian
Betty Jean Bay

Wismer (Lowry) Bowden
Paul D & Barbara E Bussey
Sally (Meigs) Caslon
Deborah A (Nelson) Clancy
Dianne M Campbell Cobb
Ellen Corley
Buffy Patrick Dewey
Tana M Jones Dugan
Frederick A Fantz
Neil L Frederiksen
Michael J & Shelley Goin Gibbons
Timothy E Glass
Kenneth A & Judy A Gorsuch
Andrew G Gould
Harlan R Green
Carol Sue Gregory
Martha Sue Nunnally Higgins
John N & Charlotte B Howard
Eric L Hutchinson
Lynn Ahlin Hutchinson
John D Hymes
Michaele E Hymes
Thomas & Mary Ellen Hogan Jackson
Charlotte A (Miller) Jirousek
Madeleine J Boland Kenny


Bruce E Larson
Heath W Lowry
Doris G Malin
Henry J Malin
Mildred Lynn McWhorter
John F Meigs
Michael E Miller
Michael B & Judith P Mills
Theodore C Nelson
Janet M O'Hare
Emelie O (Prather) Olson
Julie K (Smith) Olson
Larry P & Carolyn J Omo
Virginia C Lange Parsons
George M Prather
Bonnie Jean Landes Pura
Karen L (Shifflet) Riesett
Carol Sue Gregory Roberts
Suzanne H Grelson Rom
Michael L Shapiro
Douglas K Shifflet
Gary F Smith
Sally Stirgwolt
Ann Stokes
Kingsley & Becky D Sullivan
William H Taylor
Julia Vander Laan
Henry F & Jean F Dunlap Webb, Jr.
Deidre G Weeda
Philip A Young


Turkey V taken at the Experiment for International Living, Brattleboro, Vermont, September 1964.

Training memories:  Robinson Sawmill History by Harlan Green

President İsmet İnönü with T-5's

As my memory of dates and places is no longer exact, I've been referring to my copy of a book written by a fellow Turkey V member.  To Make a Difference: A Peace Corps Memoir, Turkey 1964-66 by Julie Woods Smith Olson.  If you want a "trip down memory lane," I recommend reading this book.

Turkey V arrived in Ankara October 15, 1964.  We were housed at the ever-popular Otel Berlin in Ulus. In addition to some in-country lectures, language instruction, indoctrination, etc., we were treated to a reception and "meet and greet" with President İsmet İnönü on October 22nd. Our 52 or so Rural Community Development volunteers were broken into smaller groups for photos with the President.  Julie indicates that "we were invited to a tea party presented by the Ministry of Village Affairs on the top of a high building with a marvelous view of the city at night."

In the photo, I"ve named all of our group, but forgot to add a reference to the ever-present portrait of Atatürk on the wall.

Tureky-5s in the photo are, Left to Right: John Meigs, Jesse Arnelle - CARE, Sall (Meigs) Caslon, Tana Jones Dugan, Bill Taylor, İsmet İnönü, Chuck Laskey - CARE, Paul Ahlquist, Ellen Corley, Barbara Bussy, Char (Miller) Jirousek, Paul Bussy, Mike Miller, Eric Hutchinson (?), Bruce Larson, and Mady Boland Kenny.
                                -- Barbara Bussey, (T-5)

[Taken from the Arkadașlar Membership Directory 2016, Türkiye, Hayatım]


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