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Bayram Dinner - Washington, DC Area
November 1, 2015
Kazan Restaurant, McLean, VA

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Ken Hill (T-9) and Behi Hatipoğlu, First Counselor at the Turkish Embassy

Yıldız Yağcı speaking about Anatolian Artisans, an organization Arkadaşlar helps support

Setting up for Bayram dinner at Kazan Restaurant

Allan Gall (T-1) and Dan Rafferty (T-12)

Ken Maddox, his wife Laurie Richardson (T-16) and Lynn Maichle (T-16)

Ken Hill (T-9) and Sandy Pfunder (T-9)

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Janet and David Hopkins (T-1)

Allan Gall (T-1) and Valerie Olson, board member and wife of the late Eric Olson (T-1)

Glenn Blumhorst (RPCV Guatamala and president of NPCA), Dick Erdman (T-15) and David Baris (T-13)

Max Scruggs (RPCV Cameroon and husband of Kathy Scruggs (T-2) and Myles Denny-Brown (T-8)

Sandy Comstock Anderson (T-13) and her husband, Charlie Anderson

Mustafa Soykan and Mariette Soykan


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Barbara Eisenberg, Elliot Eisenberg's wife, Dan Rafferty (T-12), and Elliot Eisenberg (T-12)

Winnie Hill (RPCV Nepal and wife of Ken Hill) and Demet Cabbar, former head of ATA

Ken Hill (T-9) and John Wintrol (T-2)

Cathy Venegoni & David Bloch (T-2)

Raffle ticket sellers: Kathy Kral (T-4), Margaret Patterson (T-4), and Barbara Bloch

Jim Healey (T-4) and Jerry Pickens, friend of Warren Pritchard (T-1)

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Linda Scheffer (T-8) and Sandy Pfunder (T-9)

Ender Creel, Dave "Amca" Weinman, and James Lay (T-2)

Pat and Bob Burns, guests of Myles Denny-Brown

 Dave "Amca" Weinman

Items made by women in Soma to earn money for their families after the mining disaster there

John and Joan Weeks (T-9)

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Kilims and copper awaiting bids in silent auction

More copper being auctioned

Pinar Arcan, a Friend of Turkey

Jill Diskan (T-4) bidding on item as Pat Schoeni, wife of Amca Dave Weinman, looks on

Linda Scheffer (T-8) and Frank Drumheller (T-8/9)

Schehera Stolarik and Barbara Gentile, friends of Linda Scheffer (T-8)
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Beth Healey (T-4) and Joanne Omang (T-4)

Janet Hopkins, wife of Dave Hopkins (T-2), Jim Hanson and Peggy Hanson (T-1)

Kathy Waljeski Kral (T-4)

Tom Kral (T-4)

Barbara Eisenberg, Tony Whitehead (T-12), and Michael Kata, friend of Tony's

Elliot Eisenberg (T-12) and Cal Ellis (RPCV Thailand, husband of Judy Kilmartin (T-12))
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Glenn Blumhorst (RPCV Guatamala and president of NPCA), Lynn and Phil Lilienthal, RPCVs of Northern Virginia

Doug Shifflet (T-5) and his wife Judy Erickson

Sandy Comstock Anderson (T-13) and Charlie Anderson, John and Joan Strickler Weeks (T-9), and Pinar Arcan, Friend of Turkey

Mike Jewell (T-1) and Dave Hopkins (T-1)

Warren Pritchard (T-1)

Maggie Dittemore (FOT) and husband John Cooper, Stratton Pritchard, brother of Warren Pritchard (T-1) and Jerry Pickens, friend of Warren
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Ender Creel, wife of the late Frank Creel (T-2),Tony Venegoni (T-2), Kathy Markley Scruggs (T-2) and Max Scruggs (RPCV Cameroon), and Mugs Mast (T-2)

More to come!